Change your fate, solve puzzles, train a dragon - all within a reach of a card swipe!

Unhatched is an absurdly peculiar mix of puzzle solving and role play, married together by a simple card swiping mechanic. You’ll play as a dragon trainer reclaiming her freedom through a pact with a mysterious rescuer. What starts innocently with opening a jar of pickles, will end up testing the limits of your wit and bond you create with your dragon!

What sets Unhatched apart from other games of its ilk is that it’s meant to be a story-based puzzler, so each encounter involves a hand-crafted puzzle. That’s where the cards come in. Someone might ask you to open their jar of pickles, and then a battle ensues against the actual jar of pickles. Before the battle starts, you get to choose the order of your cards. You can only take six cards with you, and they’re stacked in pairs. You can choose the order of the three pairs, and part of the strategy is planning out what order will work to your benefit. For instance, you need mana to perform some abilities — like a three-damage attack — so it’s imperative that you collect some early on in the battle. But you also need to make sure you’re not wasting too many moves and giving your opponent a chance to get in the necessary attacks to defeat you. There are also cards that allow you to pull a certain type of card to the top of the pile and other mechanics that mix things up. Since the order isn’t randomized, there’s a correct strategy for each battle. It feels very different from anything else I’ve played and I’m really looking forward to spending more time with it.
~ appunwrapper.com

developed by Filip Loster
ported by SONKA
release Q3 2020
for Nintendo Switch