SONKA is a Polish game developer and publisher.

We are best known as the Astro Bears Party developer. The game reached first place in Best Sellers category on Nintendo eShop.

Having long experience with Nintendo platforms, we are now focused on bringing high-quality ports to Nintendo Switch by:

– optimising the game,
– designing the right input scheme,
– redesigning and adding features specific to the platform,
– implementing HD Rumble with our own middleware,
– publishing the game, ensuring media coverage and reviews,
– and more.

…check out what we did with VSR: Void Space Racing and The Way Remastered to get a grip of how we work.


Are you a developer?

Looking for bringing your game to Nintendo Switch? We can port and publish your game, doesn’t matter if it’s Unity, UE or custom engine.

Do you want to do the work yourself? We can also help you with the process by lending devkits, licensing our tools, QA and everything else Nintendo related.

Just let us hear from you.

We’re hiring. If you’re an experienced Unity programmer looking for work in Warsaw, contact us too.