Car Mechanic Pinball

Play pinball using a car instead of a ball!

Welcome to Car Mechanic Pinball – repair and pimp up cars for your clients! The more money you earn by flipping cars, the more you can invest back in your workshop to improve it. All of that nicely packed as na old school arcade pinball game with voxel look and feel.

Collect fuel, and when you have your tank filled, enjoy drifting around the trees to open the stores.

Visit the stores to buy tools. You’ll need them to pimp your cars in workshops!

Main features:

  • Fast paced arcade gameplay
  • Easy to grasp pinball basics with workshop management mechanics
  • Earn money to improve your workshop for car upgrades
  • Tons of cars to flip
  • Hit the mechanics to fix cars
  • Visit chasis, wheels, body, engine workshops and upgrade relevant car elements
  • Fuel up and drift around

developed by SONKA and Live Motion Games
ported by SONKA
release 2022
for Nintendo Switch