Hotline Trail

Endure the twists and turns of 80s-fueled endless reaction racer.

The beats are half-muted, yet still fresh in Hotline Trail, an arcade motorbike endless racer in which you never know when the road is going to suddenly slalom, turn into a roundabout or decorate itself with some purple-and-green trees.

As said, Hotline Trail is an endless racer in which the road is always only a few meters ahead of you and will suddenly change itself according to the demands of the voice over that booms across this synth-laden abyss you ride over. It can be straight for a while, then suddenly chicane out of nowhere, and if you don’t react accordingly, then you’ll end up falling off the road or grinding along the sides of it, which slows you down, and then you’ll fall off the back.

~ Indie Statik

Key features:

  • Online hi-scores
  • Up to 4 players multiplayer
  • 80s-inspired soundtrack made by Rezoner

developed by Rezoner
ported by SONKA
release 2018
for Nintendo Switch